Eat / Drink

Eat / Drink

La Piéce hosts an elevated cocktail experience for weddings, private events and corporate functions in one of our custom-built bars; one made of copper and the other of refined wood made 100% from scratch, just like the cocktails.

La Piéce serves artisanal cocktails at the heart of every event. Our team has researched to source and create the best cocktails using fruits and spices, the finest rums and distilled spirits.

Focused on creating thought-provoking, artisan libations utilizing fresh ingredients & vibrant flavor.

La Piéce is constantly changing our drink list, and offers classic cocktails on the one hand and inspired artisan specialty drinks driven by fresh fruit & herbs on the other.

Whatever you choose we make it all about the details – from the preparation and glassware down to the ice cubes and garnishes, everything will have its own function, and the drinks will gravitate towards balance over excess.

Our bar will also feature an array of beers including local and micro-brews and fine wine.



You’ve already put so much thought into the details of your event from your menu, music, décor — so don’t let the bar become an afterthought with clever names, seasonal flavors, and garnishes these cocktail recipes might just be the personal touch that your party might need.

These details can add so much fun from sparkly drink stirrers, signature drink signs, to custom napkins to the salted raspberry. Let’s get started.