Lapiece- Everything You Want in a Barn Wedding and more

                                                 Barn Weddings – Everything you want in a barn wedding and so much more!

Are you considering a barn wedding? When I ask Brides what it is that attracts them to consider having a Barn Wedding, they said they wanted to think outside of the box. They wanted to host their guests with an experience that was different than a traditional wedding. They were drawn to the natural elements and beautiful features of a barn; the open concept, the warmth of the wood, the rustic features, and the beautiful beams. These are such beautiful amenities to create warmth and charm at an event.

Cozy and Warm 

I grin from ear to ear every time I hear this, because this wish list brings me back in time to why I chose La Piece – The Room as the perfect location for my first wedding venue!  I fell in love with The Room because of the warmth of the space and the rustic appeal of the beautiful refinished hardwood floors and beams.  We offers the best of both worlds.  Modern amenities with the warmth and history of that New England has to offer.

I considered some of the challenges that couples could face when looking at hosting their wedding in a barn. Here are a few questions that  that we would encourage you to ask.

Where will your  aisle be?  Where would your guests be seated?   What kind of space would you have for a dance floor?   What would  the restrooms be?  Do you have air conditioning and plumbing?  Would your guests be separated? Does everything happen in the same location? Would it be muddy if it rains?

Best of Both Worlds

On the dial of wedding styles, you have “rustic” on one extreme and “modern/elegant” on the other, with “industrial/chic” in the middle.  With Designs by Anna, me and my team can transform The Room to reflect your style and color palette, to be rustic or elegant or anything in-between. We ultimately take the warmth of new England with the  historical building and the wooden beam features with just the right amount of twinkle and candles to create a charming, cozy, warm place, or in other words simply magical space