La Piéce – The Room

If you are looking for a unique venue with character that appeals more to your taste, offers an intimate and comfortable feel, and leaves you and your guests in awe, then you have found it.

Welcome to La Piéce, the original showcase of Designs by Anna, where the warmth and comfort of New England meets the chic style and sleek vibes of New York, and where Hospitality meets Design and Planning.

Hosting your celebration with us will offer an experience that goes beyond what is traditionally expected. We want to make sure that every event hosted with us, small or large, is thoughtfully considered and planned.  We know how busy life can be and we want to simplify the process for you so that you and your guests can be completely present to enjoy the day and reflect the love surrounding your special celebration.

There are many things that set us apart from traditional venues.  Our Starter Package approach

simplifies your decision process.  It allows us to work with you, within your means, to create an event that prioritizes the aspects of your celebration that are the most important to you.  With our fresh approach to hosting, our Team works together on each detail to ensure everything will be simply beautiful at your celebration.


Our Rooms

La Piéce is a unique venue because all of the rooms were intentionally designed by Anna to be clean-canvas spaces, where from floor-to-ceiling we would be able to take your Event Design to new levels.

From the copper finishes to the polished reclaimed wood – and from the Edison bulbs to our one-of-a-kind, contemporary pieces featuring artist, Tara Kazmier – each design element was thoughtfully placed. The details of each room provide a simply beautiful clean-canvas space, yet the rooms can be further enhanced through Designs by Anna, to become simply elegant and breathtaking.

Whether your next celebration is small or large, La Piéce would be honored to host you and your guests!  One room or a combination of rooms is the perfect space to hold your event to host anywhere from 20 to 230 guests.


  • La Piéce (The Room)
  • La Suite (Bridal Suite)
  • L’espace (Lounge Room)
  • Fete de L’amore (Copper Bar)




Lisa & Nick

Thank you so much for all your hard work to make our day picture-perfect. Everything went so smoothly and we are so thankful for your expertise! You do wonderful work and it was a joy to celebrate at La Piece.  Thank you for a wonderful wedding!

Arianna & Patrick

Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding so amazing! It was more than we ever dreamed it would be, and our most important concern – our guests’ enjoyment – was always your priority.  Thank you!

Amy & Brian