Anna Yasharian
Celebrating 20 years  

2018 marks the 20th year that Anna Yasharian has dedicated to designing and planning spectacular celebrations, both private and corporate, in locations throughout New England, New York City, all the way to the Carolinas.  She has been raising the bar since 1998, marveling at how no two events have ever been the same.

Anna is a devoted wife and mother who has a deep respect for fashion, style, traveling and most of all, great design.  This combination of values and passions have been the driving force behind her dedication to her education in the areas of interior design, floral composition, event and business management.

With her education, certifications and years of experience in the event planning industry, she is infusing her talents to put a fresh, modern spin on the event designing, planning, and the hosting process.  Anna likes to say that La Piéce, is a place where two worlds collide, it offers its own New York meets New England kind of flare.


The La Piéce Team

Anna is the conductor of La Piéce and has carefully hand-picked an ensemble of individuals to play their talents and skills out to perfection.  Anna believes that in order to truly master a memorable celebration from start to finish she would need to develop a team of people who care.

By having a team that cares, we are able to offer an experience that goes beyond what is traditionally expected.  What makes us unique is there is some element of “We Care” in all that we do and say and it begins with how we care for each other.

Through this process, our goal is that the same thoughtfulness that we have put behind our intentions would be an inspiration not only for our own staff, but for you and your friends, family, guests, and vendors.

Could you imagine all that your event could be if all of us together “Cared”?

Meet the team members who care and make it all possible; Anna Yasharian, Christine Jenkins, Victoria Mansfield, Kathy Button, Jennifer U-House, Jonathan U-House, Robert Nickerson, Karen Morse, Tyler Mansfield,  Crawford Garrett, Brie, Christine, Katie, Dawn, David, Tantiana, Josh, and Mark.


Lisa & Nick

Thank you so much for all your hard work to make our day picture-perfect. Everything went so smoothly and we are so thankful for your expertise! You do wonderful work and it was a joy to celebrate at La Piece.  Thank you for a wonderful wedding!

Arianna & Patrick

Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding so amazing! It was more than we ever dreamed it would be, and our most important concern – our guests’ enjoyment – was always your priority.  Thank you!

Amy & Brian