Perfect for the classic, simply elegant bride. Anna and her team combine elegant design elements for a minimal venue setting. We provide a classic touch on décor, textiles, linens, floral arrangements, lighting, and any other unique details that will help capture your vision.



Let your chic shine. These design elements will help enhance the modern, chic bride and give her a wedding that embraces her elegance and sophistication. With modern touches on décor, linens, floral arrangements, lighting, and customized, unique details that will bring out the chic in any bride.



Crafted for the couture bride who wants to transform the space magnificently. Extravagant details are no problem for our team of design experts. We combine our industry expertise and your couture ideas for a venue that will blow your guests away. With unique décor, linens, textiles, floral arrangements, lighting, and tailored details to fit the desires of any couture bride.


Simply Perfect FOUR You

For the bride who doesn't fit into just one category, let us customize every design detail to fit YOU. Choose from any combination of décor, linens, lighting, floral arrangements, and more so we can tailor a wedding perfect for your couple. Remember you can mix and match any of the above design packages with any of our other wedding elements.


Simply Perfect For You

At LaPiéce, our approach is tailored to you. Whether you're a minimal, simple bride or a chic, sophisticated bride, LaPiéce will help you select what's most important to you.

Choose "ONE" across all planning aspects and you'll have a wedding perfect for minimalist bride. Or choose "FOUR" across all planning aspects and have a wedding that's at the height of sophistication.

Let us navigate the process with you and mix and match from any design package that best fits YOU.