Am I the only one who feels like life is just way too busy? Do we take the time to celebrate important events or achievements? And when we do plan something special for someone, do we get so overwhelmed with the details that we forget what it is we are Celebrating to begin with? Or do we have to cut the preparations or Celebration short because our lives are scheduled back to back? Today, I reflect on my passion for Celebrations and why it is important for all of us to Celebrate.

When I opened La Piece, I had to think about who we wanted to be. There are so many beautiful venues. What do we want to offer? What makes us different? I really wanted to make sure (and I have to constantly remind myself) not to get so distracted with all the mundane things in life, that we loose the passion behind the true reason for the Celebration. I love hosting events where I can help people “take a time out” from all the demands of life. And help people focus on thinking and creating a special day where all of the work is done ahead of time so everyone can actually be present to enjoy the day and reflect on the love surrounding the special Celebration.

I hope that through our Blogs, you will be inspired and encouraged to find moments throughout your week, month, year and life to be content and to Celebrate!