Catering by Design

Fabulously Planned…Remembered Always. Catering by Design crafts menus inspired by the availability of fresh produce, meats, fish, and cheese from local farms. Their chef’s work closely with select farms and farmers to deliver meals that you will remember. Catering by Design is proud of the partnerships they have developed with the many local farms in New Hampshire and all over the New England region. What better way to eat than to taste beautifully grown and cared for local foods, locally prepared!


Mezzanine Catering

Client Driven. Chef Guided. Measured. Honest. Wholesome.

They believe in thoughtful, uncomplicated food. That fresh is always the right place to start. If they can make it better, they make it themselves. Skipping the shortcuts and taking their time to simply make real food taste good. Mezzanine Catering is constantly in pursuit of fresh ideas to keep their menu new and exciting. They believe in building trust with each other as well as their vendors, and that shared knowledge and collaboration always wins. They believe food can (and should) be an experience, so they take pride in their food from preparation to presentation.


Caroline's Fine Food

If you’re planning a wedding, having every detail of your special day thought out and organized is of paramount importance. Weddings are one of the most important and memorable events in a lifetime, and they want you to know you want your dream day to be as close to perfection as possible. Their dynamic and detail-oriented team will take the stress out of all of the planning with our custom wedding design.

Since every menu is created specifically for each individual client Caroline’s have the ability to work with dietary restrictions and/or food allergies and favorite foods. Your wedding will reflect yourself, taste and style.


White Apron

The White Apron has a keen eye for freshness and impeccably high standards, the company has constantly (and successfully) strived to exceed the standards of its many discerning clients. As owner and executive chef, Jay works with his team to organize and prepare beautiful, fresh food for an elegant wedding with multiple “moving parts”, the process for him and his crew is simple– to make great food, and to provide great service, every time.

From menu planning, presentation, to the service of their food, The White Apron works with you to create the perfect menu for your wedding, no matter the location or time of year. From the time of your personal tasting at The White Apron kitchen with Chef Jay Curcio, to the actual event date, they are constantly looking to tailor their services to your needs.


Simply Perfect For You

At LaPiéce, our approach is tailored to you. Whether you're a minimal, simple bride or a chic, sophisticated bride, LaPiéce will help you select what's most important to you.

Choose "ONE" across all planning aspects and you'll have a wedding perfect for minimalist bride. Or choose "FOUR" across all planning aspects and have a wedding that's at the height of sophistication.

Let us navigate the process with you and mix and match from any design package that best fits YOU.