LaPiéce is a unique venue because all of the rooms were intentionally designed by Anna to be clean-canvas spaces, where from floor-to-ceiling we would be able to take your Event Design to new levels.

From the copper finishes to the polished reclaimed wood – and from the Edison bulbs to our one-of-a-kind, contemporary pieces featuring artist, Tara Kazmier – each design element was thoughtfully placed. The details of each room provide a simply beautiful clean-canvas space, yet the rooms can be further enhanced through Designs by Anna, to become simply elegant and breathtaking.

Whether your next celebration is small or large, LaPiéce would be honored to host you and your guests! One room or a combination of rooms is the perfect space to hold your event to host anywhere from 20 to 230 guests.

  • La Piéce (The Room)
  • La Suite (Bridal Suite)
  • L’espace (Lounge Room)
  • Fete de L’amore (Copper Bar)

Meet the Exécutif Gala Créateur

Anna Yasharian

For over 20 years, Anna Yasharian has been dedicated to designing and planning spectacular celebrations, both private and corporate, in locations throughout New England, New York City, and all the way to the Carolinas. She is intimately involved in virtually every aspect of wedding and event design. Formed by a love for planning & design, Anna married these personalities to create an experience that transforms the event planning process and event spaces into your dream wedding.